SF and Oakland Top the Worst Cities for Parking

by Jennifer Maerz : thebolditalic – excerpt

Locals aren’t the only ones who think parking sucks here. Now there’s a national study ranking Oakland and San Francisco #2 and #3 respectively as the “Worst Cities for Parking Your Car” in the country. Only Chicago beat us as being a suckier place to stow your vehicle.

The study was conducted by financial analysis site NerdWallet, which used the price of parking and the number of stolen cars per city as factors in creating its ranking. Oakland, the company notes, has 124.59% more car thefts than the national average, while SF has 5.53% fewer thefts (I think our crooks here prefer a nice smash-and-go window job to stealing the whole ride). NerdWallet uses the stats to offer financial tips related to driving, such trying out SFpark, “an organization that matches drivers with parking spaces at various rates. Drivers can see where spots are available and how much they’ll have to pay online, though the median price to park is $29 a day and $375 a month.” … (more)

SFMTA wins another prize. This time SF is rated and the worst to park. No surprise to us. I guess this rules out the theory that congestion pricing helps drivers. So, get ready for this argument to stop that waste of tax payer money. If you agree with us and want the MTA to return to the job of managing Muni for Muni riders, and get them out of the parking management bussiness, sign the Stop SFMTA petition: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/stop-sfmta-san-francisco

Then join us in supporting a ballot initiative to FIX THE MTA.


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