Downtown traffic seems worse, but studies show it moves faster

Michael Cabanatuan : sfgate – excerpt

Statistics, studies and comparisons don’t really matter when it comes to traffic. The worst congestion is the stuff you’re stuck in.

That matter of perception may explain why some commuters are grumbling that the streets of San Francisco are growing more and more congested even though most factual indications show otherwise.

With the economy recovering and technology and construction booming again in the city, it only seems logical that traffic would be slowing. Except that it’s not. Counterintuitive as it may seem, fewer cars are entering the city and they’re finding clearer streets while they’re here… (more)

Who do you believe, yourself or them? Look who is running the tests on their own system? Traffic is worse because they have cut out miles of traffic lanes and made streets impossible to drive on. And, they are doing this with OUR TAX DOLLARS. And, you better sit down for this one,

THEY WANT MORE OF OUR MONEY SO THEY CAN HARASS US MORE! If you are ready to beat them back sign the petition to encourage the Supervisors to support a Charter Amendment to FIX the MTA


San Francisco Cuts ‘Cruising’ for Parking in Half With Market-Clearing Prices
More hype on parking created by the same studies that show less traffic.

1 thought on “Downtown traffic seems worse, but studies show it moves faster

  1. SFMTA informs us that they are removing another 900 public parking spots in addition to the ones they are eliminating by putting in bulbouts, bike paths and other street changes. This story comes a couple of days after SFMTA claims that traffic is moving faster, and cars are spending less time looking for parking spots. Who believes them?

    Claims of shady handshake deals on multi-million dollar purchases, and accusations by employees of accounting fraud, misuse of funds, and falsifying documents, along with endless traffic jams makes the blood of San Francisco voters boil. We know these actions are not ethical, and many appear to be illegal. If they are not, they should it be.

    Voters will decide in November whether or not to trust the SFMTA with any more money. There are three known ballot proposals being worked on that could severely limit their authorities. SFMTA wants more money from taxpayers to cut bus service and eliminate street parking? Good luck spinning that story.


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