MTC Threatens ABAG

SFBARF threatens to take over Sierra Club

Restore SFMTA Oversight

Get the facts on all the transit issues and chime in with your comments. Watch the video: Policies for On-Street Parking Management: How SFMTA Created New Rules While No One was Looking. Sign the petition to Restore Parking Oversight.


One thought on “MTC Threatens ABAG

  1. Punishing people who just want to get to work because Transit and bikes don’t serve them is not an answer. Removing capacity from existing roadways, thereby causing intentional traffic jams, is not an answer. Less than 3% commute by bike, yet hundreds of miles of roadway and thousands of parking spaces have been confiscated in their favor.
    There is NO REPRESENTATIONS at SFMTA for the 60% of San Franciscans who have to drive to work and take their kids to school, no to mention the millions of tourists and delivery persons who must drive in. The democratic process has been co-opted by a vocal, radical minority of paid lobbyists who threaten Board of Supervisors with loss of endorsement.
    SF deserves a world class transit system, not the unreliable, slow and dated lightrail system, but a dedicated, underground, monorail, or overhead gondola system for highspeed, intersection-free transportation.


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