Mayor’s Reappointment of Vice Chair Cheryl Brinkman to MTA Board

sfmta – excerpt

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 – Tom Nolan, Chairman of the Board of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), today issued the following statement congratulating Cheryl Brinkman on her reappointment as Vice Chair of the SFMTA Board of Directors.

“Cheryl Brinkman is a champion for transit and sustainable modes of transportation and her reappointment to the MTA Board of Director symbolizes this city’s commitment to achieving our transit first goals. Her work thus far has resulted in the support of effective policies, strong community partnerships, and sustainable strategies that have ultimately improved our transportation network. I certainly look forward to relying on her valuable experience and insight as a regular transit rider and transporation advocate as we work to secure two transportation funding measures on the November 2014 ballot. These potential new and stable funding sources would help support smoother roads, improved transit reliability, reduced crowding on Muni, pedestrian safety enhancements, and better defined bikeways.”

Brinkman was sworn in by Mayor Ed Lee today… (more)

Mayor Ed Lee apparently has no concern over conflicts of interests where Ms. Brinkman is concerned. Her husband’s company benefits directly from the North Beach tunnel project, and she has economic ties to the SFTMA and the SF Bicycle Coalition and the other “non-profits”  that profit from the city’s many contracts from  managing housing to  street calming and car sharing.

1 thought on “Mayor’s Reappointment of Vice Chair Cheryl Brinkman to MTA Board

  1. I wonder if the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors care about the CAR-FREE message Board that Ms. Brinkman used to run with her friends from Livable City? Has Ms. Brinkman been funneling public money back to the astroturf “Transportation Reform groups” over the years?

    Apparently Mayor Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors don’t care that certain organizations have used their tax exempt non-profit status to prevent the construction of parking garages around the city.

    What a FABULOUS way to manipulate the market! Using tax exempt non-profits to ENGINEER PARKING SCARCITY and drive up consumer prices across the city. The obvious manipulation of the city’s parking market was deliberately designed to boost revenue for both the SFMTA and the “Transportation Lobbying Groups” who are funded by them. 

    SHRIMP BOY could learn a lot from Ms. Brinkman!


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