50 More On-Street Car-Share Spaces Proposed

by  : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

About 50 on-street car-share parking spaces could be approved at an SFMTA engineering hearing tomorrow. That’s your chance to write in, or show up at City Hall, to support a smart move by the SFMTA: placing car-share vehicles in convenient locations citywide, and putting everyone within easy reach of this alternative to car ownership.

The 50 locations are the first set of 900 on-street car-share spots planned by the SFMTA, following a successful pilot program of 12 spaces around the city. The on-street expansion was originally set to start rolling out last September, but was delayed for unknown reasons. The spaces will be used by City CarShare, Zipcar, and Getaround, and the SFMTA plans to have 450 available by the summer.. (more)

Notice they are started with 12, are adding another 450, and plan on having 900 exclusive spots for car shares.

They are moving them into neighborhoods with upscale restaurants that have valet parking. The SFMTA is taking over the streets for the convenience of “their clients”. How is this not unfair competition?

What is the difference between a car share and a rental? How is a car share better than a rental or leased car? Why should a car share have special privileges?

Fix the MTA: Remember the days before the SFMTA when driving across town and parking was easy? Time to stop them in their tracks and RESTORE TRANSPORTATION BALANCE: