San Francisco Bike Laws

SFMTA – excerpt


Yield to People Walking
  • Whether they’re in a crosswalk or not, ALWAYS yield to people walking.
Stop BEHIND the Crosswalk
  • Always stop behind the line at traffic signals and stop signs.
Stay on the Street
  • It’s illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk unless you’re younger than 13 years of age.
Ride in the Direction of Traffic
  • If you can’t go with the flow, it’s okay to WALK your bike on the sidewalk!
Obey Traffic Signs & Traffic Lights
  • Just like other vehicles on the road, obey all street signs and signals.
Be Seen
  • Rear reflectors and a front light are REQUIRED when riding in the dark! Red tail lights are strongly recommended.
Avoid Distraction
  • No headphones, calling or texting while riding – it’s the law!

Please note these are the rules posted by SFMTA.

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