CEQA appeal filed by opponents of free Sunday parking

Grassroots Actions

The History:

After receiving n a negative CEQA ruling by the Planning Commission, the SFMTA Board decided  it could suspend enforcement of Sunday meters for the two year budget cycle beginning July 1st.

Mario Tanev and James Birkelund, on behalf of Livable City and the SF Transit Riders Union, filed a appeal to the CEQA ruling on May 15, 2014, to stop the revocation of Sunday parking enforcement.

Where it stands:

The SFMTA’s FY2-15-2016 Two-Year Capital Budget provides for a statutory exemption for the establishment, modification or restructuring of rates, tolls, fares, and/or charges.

The Board must act prior to passing the SFMTA’s proposed budget, thumbs up or thumbs down.

If the Board sustains the appeal, then Sunday meter enforcement continues indefinitely, and the green light is there for them to go to evening meter enforcement, as advocated by Cheryl Brinkman at the SFMTA Board meeting on April 15th.


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