Google bus to devour parking?

sfgate – excerpt

In case the haters needed another reason to denounce Google bus and the other sleek corporate shuttles being blamed for the demise of this fair city, here’s one:

The Municipal Transportation Agency‘s 18-month test to allow the private buses to use select Muni bus stops will take away parking — something certain to provoke a fight in San Francisco.

On Friday, the MTA will hold a hearing on a number of changes allowing corporate shuttles to use certain Muni stops. And some of those stops will need to be extended, which will take away parking spaces.

How many? Well, not a huge amount — unless, of course, it’s a space you often use.  Carli Paine, an MTA planner in charge of the shuttle stop-sharing program, says only three spaces — two metered, one in a residential parking permit zone — will be taken full time.

Another 15 parking spaces will be reserved  for shuttles from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., five in zones used from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and 15 more in zones used during both peak periods. Drivers can park their cars in those spots outside of the restricted hours.

That’s sure to draw some neighbors, in addition to the usual Google bus antagonists, to Friday’s hearing. The Alamo Square Neighborhood Association, for instance, is fighting the proposed location of two shared stops at Hayes and Steiner streets because they would result in the part-time loss of parking. Others are sure to follow suit… (more)

Has anyone done any studies to see how many residents who park and take the Muni to work will now have to drive instead when their residential parking space is taken by tech buses and “shared vehicles”?

One way for tech companies, and some of the “sharing companies” to pay back the public for taking public parking spaces off the streets would be to go into the parking garage development business. They could build some new parking garages in the areas where they are taking parking away from the public. They could also get involved in installing electric re-charging stations for e-cars. That business doesn’t seem to interest the SFMTA much yet.

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