San Francisco Start-Ups Cause Headaches for Lawmakers

: nbcnews – excerpt

n dense, wealthy San Francisco, where parking spots and decent apartments are at a premium, a battle is brewing over whether government officials should be regulating the so-called “sharing economy.”

It’s a city that has created a lot of tech millionaires and has sky-rocketing rents to show for it. Recently, people have been questioning whether services like Lyft, Uber, Airbnb and MonkeyParking are “disrupting” archaic business models backed by bloated bureaucracies, or whether they are simply taking advantage of gaps in regulation and enforcement.

MonkeyParking’s name is goofy and the premise is simple: People auction off their parking spots for up to $20 to drivers using an app. On Monday, the city slapped the company with a cease-and-desist letter, warning it to stop operating in San Francisco by July 11 or face a penalties of $2,500 per transaction… (more)

Good to see a legal line being drawn somewhere. We need a long conversation about the “shared economy” and where it is taking San Francisco.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, “Chicago wins George Lucas Museum”, “Chicago set a record in 2012 with 46.37 million visitors while the city of San Francisco attracted 16.51 million visitors that year…”

Maybe being famous for bad traffic and parking nightmares is a turnoff.

Maybe Chicago shows more love to its artists and cultural heritage by protecting them and their venues from being overrun by stack and pack housing, wifi coffee shops, trendy parkletts and bike paths.

Maybe the soul of Chicago is the big draw and that is where San Francisco is falling short since we sold ours was to the highest bidder.