AC Transit changes: End to paper transfers and debut of day passes for unlimited rides

By Denis Cuff : contracostatimes – excerpt

OAKLAND — AC Transit on Tuesday will change the fare payment method for thousands of East Bay riders in a move aimed at making service faster and more reliable.

The Bay Area’s third largest bus system will end the sale of paper transfers — which buy another ride on another bus for 25 cents — and replace them with $5 one-day passes for unlimited trips.

In a related move also effective Tuesday, AC Transit will begin discounting regular bus fares from $2.10 to $2 if passengers pay with a Clipper card, an electronic fare payment card, instead of cash.

When the changes take effect Tuesday, Clipper card holders will automatically pay $2 for the first ride of the day, $2 for the second ride, $1 for the third ride, and nothing more for further rides… (more)

AC Transit is trying the carrot instead of the stick approarch. Maybe Muni could do the same?



CA Senate Committee to Consider Protected Bike Lanes Bill Tomorrow

sfstreetsblog – excerpt

A key hearing will be held in Sacramento tomorrow on legislation that would pave the way for more California cities to build protected bike lanes, also known as “cycle tracks.”

Legislation by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-SF) aims to make protected bike lanes, such as this one in Long Beach, more common throughout California. Photo: Gary Kavanagh

Currently the California Highway Design Manual does not allow protected bike lanes, and state law requires local jurisdictions to follow Caltrans specifications for bicycle facilities on all roads, not just state-controlled highways. No such requirement exists for any other type of street infrastructure — just bicycle facilities.

A.B. 1193, the “Safe Routes for Urban Cyclists,” from Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), would require Caltrans to develop standards for bike lanes that are physically separated from motor traffic. At the same time, the bill would permit cities to opt out of using Caltrans specifications for bike facilities on local streets and roads… (more)

Let Ting and the other state reps know how you feel. Sample letter and contact info: