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Writers at Salon, Slate, and Time have criticized new San Francisco-based apps that allow users to purchase access to a parking spot as another driver is leaving it. The apps MonkeyParking, Sweetch, and ParkModo provide a platform for drivers to let others know when they’re leaving a spot, and reserve the spot until the another user bidding on the spot arrives to pull in. As of last week, the future of these apps is unknown since San Francisco issued a cease and desist order based on the city’s rule against auctioning or leasing public parking spots. All three writers express outrage that the apps’ creators and users are profiting off of government-owned parking spots. At Salon, Andrew Leonard writes: “Monkey Parking’s solution intended to generate profit off of a…

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JerkTech Startups Shut Down Or Pivot. Good Riddance.

: techcrunch – excerpt

ReservationHop and MonkeyParking, the two startups last week called emblems of exploitative #JerkTech, have both changed their ways. ReservationHop announced Tuesday a “soft pivot” away from its site that stole and resold dinner reservations without compensating restaurant owners. Meanwhile, MonkeyParking has complied with its cease-and-desist order from San Francisco by temporarily shutting down its service that took a fee for letting drivers auction off public parking spots.

Sorry, I’m not sorry this happened. Cue the world’s tiniest violin. Check out my piece “Stop The JerkTech” to see what all the hubbub was about.

Yes, there should be a way to capture the value of people willing to pay for prime reservations at hot eateries. And yes, we need to find a way to improve street parking to reduce traffic and pollution.

But not like this… (more)


by Josh Constine : techcrunch – excerpt

“Go disr*pt yourself” is what I have to say to founders of startups like ReservationHop and Parking Monkey.

They’re emblematic of a compassionless new wave of self-serving startups that exploit small businesses and public infrastructure to make a buck and aid the wealthy. Let’s call these parasites #JerkTech. It’s one thing to outcompete a big, stagnant company with new technology. It’s another to screw over the little guys just because you can sell what’s usually free…

San Francisco’s tech scene already has some serious problems. Between techies belittling the homeless and women, being sexist and discriminatory in the work place, or comparing criticism of the 1% to Crystalnacht before bragging “I could buy a six-pack of Rolexes”, the rest of the country and world is building up a decent argument for hating us.

I don’t want to go all Uncle Ben on you…

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