Willie Brown chimes in traffic jams, demands improvement

By Willie Brown : sfgate – excerpt

San Francisco traffic is becoming more complicated every day. Consider the right-hand turn onto Cyril Magnin Street from Market Street. It’s a mess.

No more than one car per green-light cycle ever gets through, and pedestrians and buses get stuck in the backup. Only bikes are spared the hassle.

We need to kill that right turn and have people go one more block to Turk, which has three lanes and plenty of stacking space.

While I’m on a roll, Hayes Street should go back to being one way rather than the current system, which has created a nightmare between Franklin and Gough streets.

These traffic decisions seem to be made by people who don’t drive the streets. Transit first requires good traffic management. Now, you traffic authorities: Get to it!.. (more)

That’s right. Traffic sucks. It will take more than free Sunday parking to win the drivers’ trust. We need to return control of the streets to the people who drive on them, and we need drivers involved in managing traffic flow. Thanks to a dedicated group of concerned citizens who feel it is time for a change, you can vote to Restore Transportation Balance in November. We welcome Willie Brown’s support.