CARMAnation Tries Its App at Solving Parking Peeves


By Leslie Nguyen-Okwu : missionlocal – excerpt

Little upsets San Franciscans more than the chronic lack of parking spots in the city and in the last year any number of apps have tried to solve the problem. The average driver wastes an estimated hour and a half each month searching for parking, according to a recent survey.

Another app trying to reduce that time is CARMAnation. Its angle? Sell your private parking spaces for an average of $2 an hour. Launched in February, CARMAnation is a peer-to-peer sharing community of several thousand users who are both listing their spots and renting other spots. The process is simple: drivers offer to share or swap their private unused parking spaces for free or cash value. They are also given the opportunity to donate towards a local charity.

“San Francisco is perfect when it comes to working as a community,” said Ilya…

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Ballot measures

It’s looking likely that San Francisco voters will get to weigh in on the redevelopment of an aging waterfront pier, whether the city should be barred from installing lights and artificial turf on Golden Gate Park soccer fields and whether the city should adopt a “balanced transportation” policy protecting motorists’ interests.

Supporters of all three proposals turned in thousands of signatures Monday aimed at qualifying the measures for the November ballot.

The measures each need the signatures of 9,702 registered San Francisco voters to qualify for the election, which will take place November 4…

Then there’s the group calling itself Restore Transportation Balance, which turned in 17,500 signatures for its proposed proposition to establish a nonbinding policy declaration of policy that would include prohibitions on charging at parking meters on Sundays, holidays and outside the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., putting new meters in neighborhoods without the consent of residents and merchants, freezing meter rates for five years and enforcing traffic laws “equally for everyone using San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks.”… (more)