Parking Apps Under Fire in San Francisco

By missionlocal – excerpt

MonkeyParking, a parking app that allows users to auction off their public parking spots to the highest bidder, temporarily suspended their operations today in response to a cease and desist letter from San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent on June 23. According to Herrera’s letter:

“Technology has given rise to many laudable innovations in how we live and work — and MonkeyParking is not one of them. It’s illegal, it puts drivers on the hook for $300 fines, and it creates a predatory private market for public parking spaces that San Franciscans will not tolerate. Worst of all, it encourages drivers to use their mobile devices unsafely — to engage in online bidding wars while driving.”… (more)

How can Herrera make these claims against MonkyParking that apply to other smart phone apps?

1. They all encourage use of mobile devices while driving.

2. They all put the drivers on the hook for $300 fines.

3. All private parking deals create the predatory private parking market.


MonkeyParking Slips Upparkwhiz – excerpt
San Francisco’s Stance:  On Monday morning, City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent a cease-and-desist letter to MonkeyParking, citing Police Code Section 63 (b): “It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to enter into a lease, rental agreement or contract of any kind, written or oral, with or without compensation, for the use of any street or sidewalk.” And Section 63 (c): “As an alternative to any other fines or penalties applicable to a violation of this section, any person, firm or corporation who is in violation of this section shall be subject to an administrative penalty not to exceed $300 for each violation.” Failure to adhere to the provisions in San Francisco could set MonkeyParking back $2,500 per infraction under enforcement of California’s Unfair Competition Law. Herrera and the citizens of San Francisco share a common, clear-cut theme: “We will not abide businesses that hold hostage on-street public parking spots for their own private profit“… (more)

After cease-and-desist order, parking apps negotiate for City Attorney’s approval
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Hearing: Dedicated On-Street Parking For Carshare Vehicles

noevalleysf.blogspot – excerpt

There’s a hearing at City Hall tomorrow morning asking for public comment on dedicating certain on-street parking spaces to car share vehicles (Zipcar, City CarShare, etc.). In other words, you can’t park your car in those spots. Parking is a big deal to some in Noe Valley, so we were glad to get this from Heather World:

The city’s program to dedicate on-street parking to car-sharing vehicles leaps forward July 11 when residents are invited to comment on 100 proposed sites, including seven in Noe Valley.

Two spots are proposed for 22nd Street and Noe and for Clipper and Sanchez. One spot is proposed for 24th Street at Sanchez, 29th Street at Dolores, and San Jose Avenue and Duncan Street.

The pilot program is part of the city’s effort to improve congestion and encourage car sharing, said project manager Andy Thornley…

Here’s a link to more information about the Car Sharing Policy and Pilot Program, as well as a map of all locations in San Francisco [PDF]. If you can’t make the meeting you can send your comments to Andy Thornley(Note that Mr. Thornley is not a SFMTA employee; he is ontracted out by a corporate consultant hired by the SFMTA to oversee this handout to other corporate interests. Last we heard it was Serco.)

The July 11 hearing, hosted by the SFMTA Sustainable Streets Division, will take place at 10 a.m. in Room 416 at City Hall… (more)

What: Hearing about proposed sites for dedicated on-street carshare parking
When: July 11, 10am
Where: City Hall, Room 416

Keep in mind that Zipcar is owned by Avis. Our city is allowing one of its agencies to privatize our public parking spots for the exclusive use of Avis.