BART Criticized For Not Advertising Four Openings On Its Board Of Directors

By Margie Shafer : cbslocal – excerpt

OAKLAND (KCBS)— BART is facing criticism for not publicizing that filings are now open for the transit agency’s Board of Directors. One East Bay city councilman is hoping there are interested people so incumbents don’t run unopposed.

The councilman from Orinda, Steve Glazer, speaking for himself, points out there is no notification that July 14 is the opening date for filing for three weeks for those seeking a BART board of directors’ position…

Glazer has been an outspoken critic of the ability of BART workers to strike, but has also called the board of director’s an “insider’s club”. Glazer is not seeking a board seat..

There are four board seats out of nine that are up in November’s election. In past elections a number of BART board director seats had only one candidate running for office… (more)

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