Railyard Alternatives and 280 Boulevard Feasbility Study Among Projects Funded Through Community Grant Programs




More than One Million in Funding
Will Benefit Second Phase of Analysis

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – The San Francisco Planning Department announced today that its Railyard Alternatives and I-280 Boulevard Feasibility Study (RAB), a multi-agency program studying transportation and land use alternatives around the existing 4th & King Caltrain Railyard, received grants totaling $1,190,000 from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) to continue the second phase of the Study, projected to begin in 2015. The RAB study areas also include the interface of Mission Bay, South of Market, and Showplace Square/Lower Potrero Hill.
“With the multitude of projects currently underway in San Francisco, it is imperative that we create a coordinated vision for the future of this area; one that links state of the art transit systems with future growth,” said San Francisco Planning Director John Rahaim. “These grants allow us to continue our efforts on behalf of the future of transportation and land use. We are grateful to the MTC and SGC for these grants, and in recognizing the importance of this work to the future of the city and the Bay Area.”… (more)

This is where the transit funds are going. To plan things like tearing down the 280 Freeway. How many of these plans are given priority over Muni operations and services? Can you add them up and figure it out?

Let you Supervisors and Mayor know how you feel about spending millions on plans to tear down the 280 Freeway while asking voters to take on $500 million more bond debt.

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