2 Investigates: Fighting Unjust Parking Tickets

by Melanie Woodrow : ktvu – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s a system in place to fight tickets, but some frustrated drivers who spoke to 2 Investigates say navigating the bureaucracy is next to impossible.

Know the code
“I’ve only lived here for two and a half months and I’ve had four tickets,” said San Francisco driver Deckel Israeli, who lives on a street where the parking signs are covered in graffiti.

“It’s complete B.S. that they have a sign like that and they’re not making a decision to either fix it or not ticket people,” he continued.

According to San Francisco Transportation Code Section 1.3, parking tickets aren’t enforceable if parking signs can’t be seen by an ordinarily observant person.

Rules for parking in San Francisco and elsewhere are clearly outlined in city and state transportation code. The code is hundreds of pages. It’s available online but 2 Investigates found many drivers aren’t familiar with the code.

SFMTA says you can report a sign covered in graffiti to 311.

Parking tickets by city

City Citations Issued
Contested –
Initial Review
% Dismissed –
Initial Review
Contested –
Admin Hearing
% Dismissed –
Admin Hearing
Contested –
Superior Court
% Dismissed –
Superior Court
San Francisco 1.5 Million 77,248 28% 13,085 38% No Data No Data
Oakland 745,581 24,914 35% 2,454 19% 47 45%
San Jose 214,842 9,048 26% 1,008 17% 34 38%


One of the most popular rants against SFMTA is agaisnt the ticketing appeals process. We suggest that you vote to Restore Transportation Balance so the voters can take back control of the streets from the forces that are destroying them and feeding the car wars. Donations are needed to win at the ballot: http://www.restorebalance14.org/



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