Read the memo detailing Mayor Ed Lee’s punishment of supervisors who supported Muni

By : sfbg – excerpt

The story is snowballing.

Mayor Ed Lee is furious at supervisors who voted for Sup. Scott Wiener’s Muni funding measure, and told reporters Monday he would hold them “accountable.”

News of the mayor’s retribution has circled round, and the timing of a memo issued by Kate Howard, the mayor’s budget director, has raised eyebrows. The memo directs city departments to prepare for budget cuts she said are called for due to Wiener’s measure.

The Guardian has obtained the memo and is embedding it… (more)

Why doesn’t SFMTA finish, and pay for, one big project before starting another one. If Muni needs more trains, drivers, and mechanics, don’t spend any more time and money on bulbouts and bike lanes. Muni money should be Muni only money. If Muni is broke, why are they spending millions to study the effects of taking down the 280 Freeway? We saw the effects when they closed it down for a few days. It sucks!

Residents are fed up with SFMTA priorities. There are three ballot issues involving Muni money and management. The bond measure is being sold as a 500 million dollar bond, but it will cost 350 in interest. That means it is a 850 million dollar bond, none of which will be used to improve Muni service or maintenance.


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