Transportation Ballot Measure Fails to Balance Transportation Needs

By : sfweekly – excerpt

A bunch of people have collected 17,500 signatures to push an initiative onto the November ballot dubbed Restore Transportation Balance in San Francisco. You’d assume with a name like, the measure might actually address balancing transportation needs of the city’s population… (more)

Gridlock drove this demand for change. Sitting in traffic makes people angry and they get real creative when they are angry. They think about who is to blame. They blame the SFMTA and swear they will not be fooled again. They cut off the money being used against them.
All the claims that there are vast numbers of people biking who need more bike lanes fall on deaf ears when we see very few bikes in the bike lanes and a lot of stalled and double-parked cars on the road.
Car owners are not the only ones fed up with the SFMTA. One of the proponents doesn’t own and car, and many of the supporters of the effort to “Restore Transportation Balance” ride Muni or bikes. If you think the transportation system sucks, join the battle to restore balance:


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