Of Fame and Infamy

By   SF Weekly – excerpt

Paved with Gold

Sadly, Uber czar Travis Kalanick didn’t offer his typical primer on how not to get gouged by Uber during the Outside Lands Festival this past weekend. We could have really used one. According to various reports, Uber’s surge pricing rose to five times its normal fees during peak demand. One customer said he’d been fleeced into paying $290 to get from 30th and Balboa to Gough and Post. Outside Lands did, in fact, suggest other forms of transportation, including shuttles, bike routes (with free valet bike parking), Muni buses, and good old municipal taxis. Apparently, San Francisco commuters had to learn the hard way… (more)

Uber Promises New Drivers $5,000 a Month
By Rachel Swan
New drivers who sign with UberX could earn up to $5,000 their first month, guaranteed.  That’s according to the latest string of Uber billboards, which have been placed somewhat incongruously on Muni buses throughout the city… (more)

Citizens beware of the removal of legitimate taxi service from the streets of San Francisco. You will not like the market rates demanded by the new private enterprise shared economy alternatives. This weekend of price gouging based on demand service will lead to something more sinister. Support your local cabs.



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