Why drive to McCartney at Candlestick was a long and winding slog

by Michael Cabanatuan and Hamed Aleaziz : sfgate – excerpt

After Paul McCartney‘s big farewell to Candlestick concert turned into the Big Jam, causing countless motorists to miss the show in a huge traffic mess, city and concert officials said the infuriated fans may only have themselves to blame (for buying the tickets?)…

“So, who’s to blame? I’m not sure anyone’s to blame,” Perloff said. “There are a lot of answers. In a sense it was a perfect storm.”

And as that storm raged Friday morning, there were a lot of people to ask…

Need for backup plan

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials referred calls to Mayor Ed Lee‘s office, which sent them to Police Chief Greg Suhr.

Suhr blamed the backups on a large number of concertgoers unfamiliar with Candlestick’s infamously feeble transportation system, a concert starting time near the end of a Thursday night commute and people leaving too little time to get to the show… (more)

Is this part of the new SFMTA strategy to blame everyone but yourself. That is the SFMTA way.  Take no responsibility for failing fulfill your obligations.
Did they expect people to know they needed to leave 5 hours early to get to the concert on time?
We heard that taking public transit took almost two hours so there was no real good solution.



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