More Workers Means The Worst Commute In Bay Area History

by Mike Sugerman : CBSlocal – excerpt

AN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— With more people working in the Bay Area than ever before, one of the biggest strains it’s having is the impact on traffic.

The commute to work and back seems to be getting worse every day and it’s not just on the freeways. KCBS’ Mike Sugerman started driving to work in 2011 after three decades of taking public transportation and he doesn’t like it.

It’s not just freeways either. The construction going on in San Francisco’s SoMa, where many of the people funneling into the city from the East and South Bay end up, is mucking up the works… (more)

Who do you blame for gridlock?
We blame the SFMTA. They put people in charge of traffic who hate cars and have vowed to make drivers miserable. It is up to the SF residents to vote against them by voting No on A and B (No more money without accountability) and Yes on L. Restore Transportation Balance.


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