Parking permits program appealed: San Mateo streets may be included to deter Caltrain commuters

By Samantha Weigel : Daily Journal – excerpt

A group of residents are disagreeing over whether their San Mateo neighborhood should be included in a permit program that would deter Caltrain commuters from using their street as a free parking lot.

The city’s Public Works Commission will hear an appeal Wednesday night from those who do not want Otay Avenue and San Miguel Way included in the Bay Meadows Residential Parking Permit Program.

A group of residents approached the city in December concerned by commuters using their neighborhood to avoid paying to park at the Hillsdale Caltrain Station parking lot, according to a city staff report.

In June, the director of Public Works approved including Otay Avenue between Pacific Boulevard and Curtiss Street, and San Miguel Way between Otay Avenue and Curtiss Street, into the decades-old parking program, according to the report… (more)

Making parking near transit hubs difficult or expensive is not working for anyone. Commuters need parking near transit hubs and the faster public transit agencies solve the problem the sooner motorists will start taking public transit.


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