Carshare reserved parking not favored by everyone

By David Stevenson : ktvu – excerpt


City CarShare user, Jessica Martinson says she never has trouble finding parking in San Francisco.

“I have parking magic,” laughed Martinson.

Martinson now also has 22 new curbside spots specifically set aside for drivers like her, including a formerly metered spot on Clement Avenue near 24th Avenue in the city’s Richmond district. It was converted to car share-only just a few days ago.

The goal of the program is to encourage car share use. Transit officials say every shared car takes dozens more off the road.  But not everyone on this busy block is happy to see this space set aside… (more)

Newsflash! San Francisco has a privileged class.

The Sharing Economy is the Stealing Economy.

The public nonprofit City Car Share, that should be promoting public good will has teamed up with the SFMTA to take public street parking from the public, thereby angering the public they both claim to serve. And they claim they are doing it for you! The only option left to the public is to sue them, which many are doing, or vote against them. Voting is cheaper. Vote No on A and B and Yes on L to send a strong message to city authorities that you do not support the SFMTA.