Renegade Directs San Francisco Traffic For Free, We Guess?

sfist – excerpt

…The problems with vehicles blocking SoMa intersections are significant ones. In a report from last week, the Chron said that the SFMTA had just wrapped up a six-day test at the intersections of Main and Harrison and Second and Bryant streets, in which MTA parking control officers were directing traffic and ticketing drivers who pulled into intersections and sat there blocking cross traffic.

Depending on the data collected by interns who were also monitoring the intersections, the SFMTA will decide if the best way to prevent intersection blocking might be tickets, traffic directors, or both, the Chron says.

However, it appears from this SFMTA SoMa Intersection Gridlock (Blocking the Box) Enforcement Pilot Update that outside of that six-day test, there wouldn’t be any special effort to direct traffic during typical SoMa conditions.

Which brings us to the video… taken at 3rd and Howard Streets and uploaded on September 25. In the video, we see a man clad in typical streetwear (not the SFMTA uniforms you see traffic directors wearing here) and an unlogoed safety vest (the kind you can buy at Home Depot for less than six bucks) directing not just traffic but pedestrians… (more)

When government fails to do its job, people take matters into their own hands. If you blame SFMTA management for traffic jams, do not trust them to clean up the mess they created by removing traffic lanes all over town, and do not want your taxes used against you, (on TEP projects that reduce lanes and remove parking on major streets such as Masonic, Potrero and Van Ness), send a message to City Hall to stop the war on cars. Vote No on A and B (no money without accountability) and Yes on L: Restore Transportation Balance. Write the supervisors and Mayor and sign the Stop SFMTA petition. All your petition comments go directly to them and become a matter of public record.


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