Ambulance slow to respond to Mayor wife’s accident scene

By Tara Moriarty : ktvu – excerpt


An ambulance responding to a vehicle accident involving the wife of Mayor Ed Lee arrived at the scene beyond the 10-minute time limit standard set by the San Francisco Fire Department for such a response, department sources told KTVU.

The fire department union and other employee groups have been at odds with Lee and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White over staffing within the department’s ambulance division.

The union claims the staff shortage has delayed response times to emergency medical calls within San Francisco. It and the other fire department employee groups have demanded Hayes-White’s ouster… (more)

The other side tells a different story… Who do you trust?

Fire chief, mayor say ambulance got to crash involving mayor’s wife quickly
 : sfgate – excerpt
One week after critics called for her resignation over ambulance response times, Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White is defending her agency again, this time over whether it got an ambulance quickly enough to a car crash involving Mayor Ed Lee’s wife on Monday afternoon… (more)



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