BART’s parking problem: Maddening search when lots are full

By Hamed Aleaziz : sfweekly – excerpt

…BART has no system for notifying passengers when most lots fill up, but that may be changing.

“It’s frustrating,” said Myra O’Ferrall, 52, of San Ramon, one of those who had to turn around on the top floor of the parking garage on the Dublin side of the highway.

“It’s an incredible waste of time,” said Mark Boyce, 51, who drives to BART from his home in Tracy so he can ride into Oakland. “I drive an hour and a half to get here. The last thing I want to do is drive around looking for parking in a full parking lot with other people doing the same thing.”

According to BART officials, the agency is working on a solution at several stations… (more)

The real solution is to provide more parking, not spending a lot of time on alerting people when the lots are full.

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