Van Ness Avenue next on list for traffic tie-ups in S.F.

By Willie Brown : sfgate – excerpt

The construction boom has made it impossible to drive or even walk in downtown San Francisco — and heads up, the boom is spreading.

Next on the list for shutdowns: Van Ness Avenue…

Construction on the Central Subway has shut down the main shopping core of Stockton Street, and Geary is down to one lane as well.

No wonder the merchants are hurting.

Workers tell me they’re at it around the clock, trying to get the digging for the new subway station done by Thanksgiving.

I asked, you mean the whole job?

One guy said no, “but enough so that we can cover it over for the Christmas shopping season.”

“So Stockton Street is going to be back open?”

“Open, but not for traffic. They’re going to make it a ‘winter walkway.’”… (more)

Only the SFMTA would expect people to shop by bus or bike.

Time to Stop SFMTA.  Merchants from Union Square to Castro are being devastated by SFMTA street projects and we are all stalled in hopeless traffic jams.

Do they really think drivers blame themselves for gridlock and want more “streets enhancements”? Nobody trusts the SFMTA with more money. Last time we voted to fix the potholes we got vibrant walkable streets and bike lanes.
The best solution to the traffic problem is to vote No on A and B, (No more money without accountability) and Yes on L: Restore Transportation balance:
Bring some sanity back to our streets.


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