Three Startup Founders Reveal Why They Left San Francisco For Portland

By : businessinsider – excerpt

For startup founders looking to make it big, San Francisco can seem like a promised land.┬áThe tech industry is booming, with plentiful Silicon Valley venture capital and a community that’s supportive of innovation.

But San Francisco is also crowded and competitive, and living there is getting more and more expensive. A recent study by real estate marketplace Zumper found that a one-bedroom apartment costs more in San Francisco than anywhere else in the country.

In part because of the rising cost of living, some startup founders have decided it’s time to leave San Francisco for other cities…

“San Francisco has a stigma for being so expensive. The number I like to use as a base line is that in San Francisco, the median price for a single family home is $1 million,” Zahnd said. “In Portland, it’s under $300,000.”

Last summer, just before he moved to Portland, Dale shared his feelings towards San Francisco and tech in a blog post. … (more)

We are starting to pay a lot of attention to lifestyle issues and one of the absurdities we are finding is that in order to get everything done we need to speed up. Why is the SFMTA is trying to force us to slow down? Wasting time is slowing productivity. What used to take 20 minutes now takes an hour. This is not progress. This system cannot be sustained.





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