S.F.’s Prop. A is first step on road to put driving last

By Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross : sfgate – excerpt

There’s a lot more to San Francisco’s $500 million Proposition A than fixing roads — it’s really the first step in a master plan to put buses, bikes and pedestrians on the fast track and move cars into the slow lane.

A close look at the projects that would be funded by Prop. A shows the overall plan calls for reducing miles of traffic lanes for cars, removing an unknown number of parking spaces and reducing stops on several Muni lines to enable the buses to cross town faster.

The biggest chunk — $142 million — would go into new traffic signals, crosswalks and other projects to speed Muni and make it safer to cross the street.

Market Street would get $90 million for rehabbing and upgrading Muni boarding islands, bike lanes, sidewalks, traffic signals and bus and streetcar service between Castro Street and the Embarcadero.

Prop. A would also provide $30 million to help repair or replace 40 escalators and elevators that are forever breaking down, many of them at stations shared by BART and Muni Metro… (more)

Don’t know if this is the first step, it is definitely the next step. SFMTA and their supporters are really on the block. Most critics of Prop A point to language that states the SFMTA “may” spend the money this way, which is not the same as saying the money “shall be spent this way.”

According to the city controller, passage of this bond will result in higher property taxes and those taxes may be passed through to renters.

The bottom line is do you trust SFMTA to do what it promises based on past performance? If the answer is “no” and you want the right to own a car, you will want to vote No on A and B and Yes on L. For more on why go here: http://savesfmuni.wordpress.com/

San Francisco, California To Vote On Anti-Motorist Bond Measure


3 thoughts on “S.F.’s Prop. A is first step on road to put driving last

  1. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee claims that he “gets it done” and that his transportation and land use policies have made San Francisco a more vital, sustainable, and livable city.

    Lets examine the evidence:

    1. Between March 1, 2012 and Feb. 28, 2013, the number of eviction notices filed with the San Francisco Rent Board jumped 26 percent compared to the previous year – Ed Lee gets it done?

    2. Transferring public space to private companies to profit from taxpayers – Ed Lee gets it done?

    3. Massive Tax breaks for the super rich – Ed Lee gets it done?

    4. The highest parking meter rates and fines in the nation – Ed Lee got them done?

    5. The lowest percentage of children of any major city in the country. (Only 13.4 percent of the city’s approximately 800,000 residents are under the age of 18. – Ed Lee gets it done?

    6. A vanishing black community that has been displaced and dislocated by government redevelopment projects – Ed Lee gets it done?

    7. Skyrocketing numbers of Latino displacement in the Mission – Ed Lee gets it done?

    8. Skyrocketing displacement of the Aging and disabled residents – Ed Lee gets it done!

    9. Median rent in San Francisco now over $3,000 a month, with some neighborhoods in the $4,000-$5,000 range. – Ed Lee gets it done?

    10. Fastest growing income inequality in the Nation – Ed Lee gets it done?
    City Hall now wants to raise our Taxes and Rents so that Mayor Ed Lee can keep “getting it done” for his filthy rich friends in big business. Thousands are leaving San Francisco – and some of us – want to do something about the sad state of affairs. If you have had ENUF of City Halls “sustainable development” policies then vote NO on Prop A and B and YES on L to Restore transportation Balance.


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