Bulb-outs, other traffic measures to help cut 9-San Bruno travel time

By sfexaminer excerpt


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Muni’s 9-San Bruno line providing service between downtown San Francisco and Visitacion Valley is expected to see its overall route travel time drop by three to five minutes thanks to eight recently approved bus bulb-outs and other projects on the horizon.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board of directors this month approved the bulb-outs and relocation of certain bus stops and parking spots along the route. The stop at Folsom and 11th streets will be eliminated. Three of the bulb-outs will stand as islands, allowing bikes to travel between the bulbout and the curb.

Bulb-outs, which are essentially sidewalk extensions, are planned throughout the 9-San Bruno route — one at Market and 11th streets, one near the U.S. Highway 101 underpass as Bayshore Boulevard becomes Potrero Avenue, two at Harrison and 11th streets, two at Bayshore and Oakdale Avenue, and two at Bayshore and Cortland Avenue… (more)

The SFMTA plans to move the bus stop right in front of one of the busiest night clubs where the patrons congregate on the sidewalk. There are a lot of bike and motorcylce parking spots in that area, and a thriving pizza place. Where will the delivery people park? Has SFMTA sent out any notices or done any public outreach on this one? Costco is right across the street. and there is a busy intersection at 11th and Bryant.  This plan is guaranteed to create more gridlock. Vote No on A and B and Yes on L and stop this madness.