Meter Maid Tips on Avoiding Parking Tickets in SF

by Max Cherney : thebolditalic – excerpt

When I lived in the Mission, I used to have a parking prayer: “I wish I may, I wish I might find a safe parking spot tonight.” That’s because parking on the street in San Francisco is the worst. Not only because it feels like there’s never street parking when you need it, but also because when you find that precious spot, there are a thousand different rules you have to follow — curbing your wheels, marathon street closures, street cleaning, residential time limits, Giants games street closures, meters, permits, double parking, loading zones. Oh my.

So, after I met an SFMTA Parking Control Officer randomly at a bar earlier this year, I was excited — in a full-on nerd way — that he agreed to get buzzed over a couple beers, and let me pick his brain about parking in San Francisco. He asked to remain anonymous for this story, but here is what we talked about…(more)

Parking in a bus stop is probably the riskiest thing you can do…
Common misunderstandings about Muni…
How to avoid a ticket if you’re unsure, especially at large events…
What tricks to get out of a ticket don’t work?…
Any tips for dealing with a ticket?…
On getting your car towed…
What about curbing your wheels?…
You must have a front license plate on your vehicle… (more)

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