Call ‘shared economy’ what it is: business deal

Willie Brown : sfchronicle – excerpt

I don’t know about you, but I have had it with the “shared economy.”

The last time I looked in Webster’s dictionary, “shared” was defined as “to have or use (something) with others, to divide (something) into parts and each take or use a part.”

So in other words, a “ride share” is two or more people going from point A to point B, with both helping to pay for the ride. Like you “share” the cost of gas.

Here’s another word out of Webster’s: “paid,” as in, “being or having been paid” for a product or service.

That is what you do when you get into one of these cars. You pay. Sometimes you pay a lot. Sometimes, a heck of a lot if there is a convention or other big event in town.

It’s the same with house or apartment “sharing.” These are paid transactions. Straight up “What’s the price?” business transactions.

The only real “share” in the deal goes to the tech company that acts as the broker…

Many cities are saying “no” to the shared economy. If San Francisco doesn’t figure it out, the next dot bubble burst will probably kill some of them off.

State to help Milford acquire parking lots

local : sfchronicle – excerpt

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut will borrow $5 million to help Milford build a new downtown parking area…
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s office says the money will be on the agenda of the next the State Bond Commission meeting.
The project involves the City of Milford purchasing about 2.2 acres next to the Milford train station which serves Metro-North’s New Haven Line and is used by about 5,000 riders daily.
The parking also can be used by those visiting the city’s courthouse, harbor boat and nearby businesses.
Governor Malloy’s office says it’s part of the administration’s effort to encourage the use of mass transit, reduce reliance on driving, and foster more dense, livable and walkable communities… (more)

Some government officials “get it”. Providing more parking near public transit encourages people to park and ride.