SFMTA chief signals free Muni for seniors ‘very likely’

By sfexaminer – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is “very likely” to approve free Muni service for seniors and people with disabilities as early as January, SFMTA Transportation Director Ed Reiskin said Tuesday.

The revelation comes on the heels of a news conference called by Seniors for Disability Action and supervisors Eric Mar and Norman Yee to put political pressure on the SFMTA board of directors to approve the program. A similar program is in place for low- and moderate-income youths up to age 18.

“Free Muni is an umbrella on a rainy day,” poet and activist Tony Robles said. “Seniors so often are isolated, and can barely afford to pay rent or get around town.”

Monthly Muni passes are currently $23 for seniors and people with disabilities, discounted from $68 for adult passes… (more)

Who said Prop L lost? One of our requests, for restoring transportation balance, is to help seniors and disabled people. Now they just need to re-install the seats on the buses and transport vehicles they want the seniors and disabled people to use, and re-establish the Muni stops they plan to remove, so more seniors and disabled people can take advantage of the free Muni.