Roadshow: Strange new parking spaces called ‘traffic nightmare’

By Gary Richards : mercurynews – excerpt

Q The new parking lines on the west side of Stockton Avenue between The Alameda and Julian Street at the new Whole Foods in San Jose seem to be facing the wrong way. This requires vehicles traveling south on Stockton to stop and back in. … What is the logic behind this? … This certainly must be incorrect? The lines need to be changed and quick; it is a traffic nightmare. … I have never seen this before. Half the people don’t do it and it seems to make no sense. Yet I have to believe there was some thought behind it… (more)

Yeah, how to driver drivers crazy while putting everyone on the road at risk and blaming it on the drivers. That is the thought that went into it.

Read the comments and guess who likes this crazy parking scheme – cyclists who don’t drive cars! We should start a poll to find out how many car drivers like it.

I know someone who hit a car as she was driving out of one of these “nightmare” sparking spots. The visibility sucks.

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