Hearst Corp Seeks to Rip Out Annie Alley Plaza to Make Room for Cars

by : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

The Hearst Corporation filed an appeal last month in an attempt to dismantle the Annie Alley street plaza so drivers exiting its parking garage could take a more direct path to Mission Street.

In November, the alley exit along Mission, between Third and New Montgomery Streets, was turned into a place for gathering and events that opened to popular fanfare. But the pop-up plaza apparently surprised and irked some higher-ups at Hearst with enough pull to hire a lawyer to get it taken out on the company’s behalf, even though the company was involved in creating the plaza.

A hearing for the appeal is scheduled at the Board of Permit Appeals on February 11…

“While the Hearst Corporation supports open space, the Annie Street closure as part of the pilot plaza program has generated unintended and dangerous consequences in an already congested neighborhood,” said Cepkauskas. ”The actual traffic impact in the immediate vicinity has been much greater than forecasted by the preliminary traffic study, and everyone is very concerned about the traffic and pedestrian safety issues caused as a result of this street closure, especially during rush hour.”…  (more)

This is a good reason to test run these projects rather than put in permanent alterations.


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