It’s official: Bay Area gridlock is worse

By Denis Cuff : mercury news – excerpt

OAKLAND — The Bay Area freeway commute is moving at its slowest pace in over a decade, as an economy that has shifted into overdrive leaves drivers idling on gridlocked roads.

In its first congestion report card in five years, the Bay Area’s transportation planning agency said that average congestion — defined as traffic moving 35 mph or less — increased 65 percent in the Bay Area from 2009 to 2013.

To address the growing problem, transportation leaders are calling for more carpool and toll lanes, improved public transit and more commuters shifting work times.

“It’s good news and bad news,” said Amy Worth, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission chairwoman and also an Orinda councilwoman. “The good news is more people are finding work; the bad news is it’s taking them longer to get there.”… (more)

No news here. There is a map of worst areas and some helpful suggestions on how to fix the problem, starting with shifting work hours to relive congestion during peak times.


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