Area Q Public Hearing Shows a Neighborhood Divided

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Area Q

Yesterday, a public hearing was held at City Hall to discuss the ever-controversial issue of residential parking permits being proposed for the region around Alamo Square dubbed “Area Q.”

Turnout at the hearing was noticeably smaller than at the November 10th meeting at San Francisco Day School. At that meeting, the auditorium was filled with 160+ attendees. About 50 or so people spoke at that meeting, offering a variety of opinions. As a result, the SFMTA revisited the plan and made significant changes based on feedback.

Yesterday’s hearing, on the other hand, was held at City Hall — well outside the area being discussed — and took place at 10am on a workday, which likely presented a challenge for those with day jobs or other commitments. All in all, about 70 people filled the hearing room yesterday, and of the 35 or so people who spoke, the vast majority expressed strong opposition to the parking permit proposal… (more)

Proof that the war on cars is responsible for the anger on our streets. The best way to calm that anger is to stop the war on cars the way Feds are now attempting to stop the war on drugs. Stop the war. Let the citizens of San Francisco catch their breath and catch up with all the changes… Tell the Supervisors that you want them to take back accountability the SFMTA. Sigh the petition: