Community Midnight Express offers late-night rides from SF

by Ellie Van Houtte : losaltosonline – excerpt

It’s no understatement to claim that Cory Althoff’s new late-night transportation service – Midnight Express – happened overnight.

Just before Christmas, Althoff, a Los Altos resident, was joking with his buddies about the lack of affordable transportation options for returning home to the South Bay from a night on the town in San Francisco. Their banter resulted in the new transportation service.

Althoff and co-founder Michael Horton of Santa Clara were miffed by the expense of private taxis and other car-sharing services that required them to hand over at least $100 to get home. Like many other young professionals in the area, the duo wanted to enjoy the San Francisco nightlife without the nightmare of parking and late-night commutes after public trains stop running for the evening… (more)

Now is the perfect time to re-introduce the jitney. Just call it the sharing shuttle and no one will object. No need to get a chauffeur’s license. Just put up a web site with an app.

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