Free Muni Approved For Seniors, People With Disabilities

By Jerold Chinn : sfist – excerpt

In a unanimous vote yesterday, the SFMTA approved a proposal to offer free Muni rides to seniors and people with disabilities. $4 million will be spent to fund the program for one year. ABC 7 has it that Muni estimates upwards of 24,000 San Franciscans will benefit.

Ed Lee, who had called for the widely-expected service, issued the following statement: “I thank the Board of Directors for answering this call today. Also today, I call upon the private sector to partner with us, once again, and help fund this vital service that supports our city’s most vulnerable.”

He might be thinking of last year’s move by, Google to pick up the tab on Muni for low-income youth for two years.

Right now monthly adult fare on Muni is $68. Low and moderate-income seniors and riders with disabilities currently pay $23 per month.

According to the SFMTA site, seniors must be low to moderate income for eligibility. Here’s their chart for that:  All coverage of Muni on SFist:
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