Projects in Solano, Bay Area, aim to alleviate highway congestion

By Melissa Murphy : thereporter – excerpt

A congestion report recently released by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) picked out the roadways in the Bay Area that see the most backed up traffic.

While Solano County didn’t make the list of the top 50 congested locations, local transit officials are still working hard to alleviate the congestion that is here — most notably on Interstate 80.

The MTC’s report is the first comprehensive report on Bay Area freeway congestion since 2009.

“Congested delay,” which MTC defines as time spent in traffic moving at speeds of 35 miles per hour or less, rose 18 percent in 2013 to an average of 2.6 minutes per commuter each weekday in 2013 from 2.2 minutes in 2012. This marks the Bay Area’s highest level of congested delay on a per-commuter basis in at least 15 years and a 37 percent increase over the average 1.9-minutes-per-commuter-per-day figure registered in 2010 at the lowest level of the region’s recession-fueled traffic break. “Total delay,” which MTC defines as all time spent in traffic moving below the posted speed limit, averaged about 7 minutes per commuter in 2013.

Additional information including the top 50 list is available online at… (more)

There is a petition to expand the lanes on Highway 37, linking Solano, Marin and Napa Counties to 101.


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