Triple Tech Bus Blockade with Teachers at Fairmont Elementary School


by Anti-Eviction Mapping Project :indybay – excerpt

On February 6th, at 8am, teachers at San Francisco’s bilingual public Fairmont Elementary School joined with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project to block 3 private tech buses. Buses from Google and Facebook were blocked, as we protested the takeover of what had been four parking spots for teachers at the school by a tech bus stop. Teachers had not been consulted before their parking stops were privatized, just this past month. A video of the action by Peter Menchini can be seen here:

There are other parking metered spots in the city, such as on 16th between Capp and South Van Ness, that now have restricted parking so that private tech buses can load and unload their passengers, presumably to avoid paying the $3.55 that is now required through the SFMTA shuttle bus pilot program.

Claudia Tirado, the third grade teacher who…

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SFMTA plans to reduce speed limits on city streets

KTSF – excerpt

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee holds a hearing on the report to outline plans to reduce speed limits on city streets proposed by the SFMTA. Nam Kwok finds out more about the plans and community sentiments… (more)

At least some of the media is covering this story. You would think speeding is the least of their worries, since they created the traffic jams, but, I guess they need more revenue. What better way to get it and punish drivers than to lower the speed limit.