Assembly Bill 61 and the cultural revolution that comes with state edicts


Editor’s opinion 

My take on what is happening is a bit more nuanced than some. You have to start with the “sharing economy” and the belief that disruptive industries are better than the traditional industries and jobs they are replacing. Why are we not having any discussions about this supposition?

Let’s start by making a list of what we are losing – taxis, hotels, apartments, single family dwellings, conducting business with humans, shopping in stores, human interaction, live music in clubs, talking to humans on the phone, residential neighborhoods with yards and driveways, parking, traffic lanes, low overhead businesses, wholesalers, heavy and light industry, manufacturing, salespeople, repair shops, designers, writers, artists, musicians, galleries, book stores, small contractors, postal workers, teachers, bus drivers, police, firefighters and other civil servants who can no longer afford to live and or work in San Francisco. We can add to this list all day.


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