Helmet Law isn’t only route to safety for bike riders

: sacbee – excerpt

… State Sen. Carol Liu tends toward the latter viewpoint. On the heels of a new law requiring motorists to stay at least 3 feet from bikes on roadways, the La Cañada Flintridge Democrat introduced a bill last week to fine bicyclists $25 if they are caught riding without helmets. The law also mandates reflective clothing at night…

Liu’s compelling retort is that nine out of 10 bicyclists killed in accidents nationwide in 2009 weren’t wearing helmets. In 2012, the last year for which figures were available, California had 124 bike deaths, more than any other state…

As cycling has surged in California cities, motorists already are more cognizant of alternative traffic. But urban streets like Sacramento’s have become an obstacle course of bicyclists ignoring stop signs, riding on sidewalks, and pedaling down one-way streets and bike paths the wrong way.

Nationally, more than a quarter of bicycle deaths involve drunken cyclists, a rate that hasn’t budged since the 1980s, even as alcohol-impaired driving has fallen. We need to ramp up enforcement against these two-wheel scofflaws… (more)

SB 192, introduced by Senator Liu, would amend Section 21212 of the Vehicle Code, relating to bicycles, would  require to wear helmets and reflective clothing at night. The bill would impose a $25 fine for failure to abide by the law.

If you like the idea you know what to do.