Bike riders costing more than they contribute

marinij – excerpt

For months now, we have been hearing about bicycle paths and how they will benefit everyone by getting people out of cars, causing less congestion on the roads, benefiting the environment.

Now, let’s look at reality.

Recently, there was a path constructed through San Rafael to Greenbrae.

It cost millions and gets very little use — an unjustified taxpayer expense.

There was a bike path built from South Novato Boulevard to Ignacio. It cost millions and its use? I personally, over a span of at least a year, have seen three pedestrians walking on it. I have never seen a bicycle on that path.

Now, we are being asked to spend multiple millions more of tax dollars for a path across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge for bicycle commuters.


Do you realize how steep the incline is on that bridge, how windy it is and how much fog traverses that span? It would be a daunting task for even the most experienced of bikers…(more)