Vote to finalize Muni security contract delayed over ethics concerns

By Joe Fitzgerald : sfexaminer – excerpt

The lead negotiator of a critical $38 million security contract to guard Muni rail yards has questionable ties to the winning contractor.

A $38 million Muni security contract was put on hold Tuesday, after a report by The San Francisco Examiner brought to light ethics concerns surrounding the contract’s chief negotiator.

The Board of Supervisors voted 9-0 to postpone the vote to finalize the security contract until April 14, until the ethics issues are resolved.

“Based on some of the controversy surrounding this contract, that continues to swirl around this contract, I would like to continue this to the April 14 Board of Supervisors meeting,” Supervisor John Avalos said to the board.

That controversy is swirling around one man in particular: Chris Grabarkiewctz, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s head of fare enforcement. He also led negotiations between two bidders for a $38 million security contract to guard Muni rail yards. Grabarkiewctz previously worked for Cypress, and was in charge of contracts between Cypress and the SFMTA while working there… (more)

How about the ethics of people who work simultaneously for both parties involved in negotiating a contract? is that covered in the ethics rules?