Private bus startup Leap hit with complaint under US disabilities law

by : arstechinca – excerpt

“We’re sorry to anyone we’ve offended and we hope to do a better job next time.”

Chris Pangilinan, a former San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency engineer who uses a wheelchair, has alleged that new private bus startup Leap is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As such, Pangilinan recently filed a formal complaint with the Department of Justice.

Leap recently launched its service, offering interested commuters a luxury transit option that includes things like Wi-Fi, more personal space, and refreshments. Leap charges riders $6 per fare (more than double what local buses charge), and riders use the company’s smartphone app to pay for fare or refreshments as well as to monitor when the buses are approaching.

Pangilinan, who moved away from San Francisco before Leap launched its service, said he found the company’s lack of accessibility “pretty shocking.” His complaint alleges that Leap “removed features that made the buses previously wheelchair accessible, such as the front door ramp, and wheelchair securement areas within the vehicle.”

If the Department of Justice (DOJ) finds that Leap is in violation, it could bring fines or a civil lawsuit. The DOJ did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

“I don’t want money or anything, what I want is to make sure that the spirit and the letter of the ADA [is considered] in the way that we build or change our transportation in the country,” Pangilinan told Ars. “If services like Leap are going to become more popular, then it’s harder to fight if we don’t change it.”… (more)



LA Potholes have a web site. Should SF have one too? – excerpt

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Navigating the Mean Streets of Los Angeles Tired of the mean streets of L.A.? Potholes getting in the way of your smooth commute? Sunken asphalt, trenches, buckled and cracked roads getting on your nerves? Not to mention the damage to your pocketbook to repair your car?

Time to fight back.

Let’s give City Hall a message: Fix our streets.

Send us an E-mail with a picture of your favorite pothole or bad road, and we’ll post it to this Blog and forward it to the powers that be. Use our handy Pot Shots outline(more)

 Do the potholes of SF deserve a web site?

‘Airbnb for parking’ startup accelerates growth, spreading to seven cities

By Sara Castellanos : bizjournals – excerpt

The UpTake: Boston-based Spot Park, which officially launched its mobile app for iOS and Android last summer, plans to expand to Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle this year… (more)

Stay tuned… they will soon be joined by many more hopeful apps out to steal your parking bucks from the SFMTA.

Solar-Supplied EV Charging In San Francisco… For Free!

By : cleantechnica – excerpt

Originally published on Solar Love.

Three free solar-powered recharging stations for electric vehicles, provided by Envision Solar of San Diego, are coming to San Francisco in 2015 thanks to a grant from the 11th Hour Project, whose mission is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate the production and adoption of renewable energy…

Each Envision solar charging station is self-contained and requires no connection to the local grid. It is built on a Ballast Traction Pad — a base heavy enough to withstand winds up to 120 mph — and has a solar array that follows the sun to maximize energy collection. The base also serves as a parking area for cars being recharged. Installation involves simply setting a station down in a suitable area and deploying the solar array, much the way a satellite deploys its solar collectors once in orbit… (more)