Does bad cyclist behavior in The Wiggle need some refereeing?

By John Angelico : sfgate – excerpt

If you cycle regularly in San Francisco, you’ve probably taken The Wiggle to get from Market Street to Golden Gate Park. It’s popular with cyclists because it’s flat and fairly quiet with not much vehicular traffic. The SFMTA has plans to make changes to the Wiggle route, including improving the stormwater management (stormwater… what’s that?) and adding some bulb-outs to calm traffic.

But why wait for the SFMTA to start calming that traffic? One cyclist will be out in the Wiggle (at Waller and Steiner) this Thursday at 3 PM to referee bad traffic behavior and other unsportsmanlike conduct by other cyclists:

While 95% of cyclists using the Wiggle are really incredibly respectful of other road users, there is that small minority who give us all a bad name. I’ve always wanted to dress as a referee and hand out yellow and red cards to bad cyclists (and maybe some cars and peds too) and I’m using NOW! as my excuse!  Come join me in shaming the few bad cyclists out there and making the Wiggle just a little bit safer and more courteous!… (more)

Sounds like some good ideas.

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