Golden Gate Bridge district signs lease for new Marin Airporter hub in San Rafael

By Mark Prado : marinij – excerpt

Marin Airporter transports about 500 passengers a day from its Larkspur Landing Circle site, above. It is being evicted to create more parking spaces for ferry riders.

The Golden Gate Bridge district has approved a lease with the Marin Airporter for a new hub in San Rafael after district officials reclaimed the Larkspur site for added ferry parking.

The bridge district board voted Friday to approve a five-year lease with the Airporter at a 3-acre site it owns at 1011 Andersen Drive. They have been at the Larkspur site since 1985.

The Airporter will pay $20,202 a month in rent. The lease begins May 15 and the Airporter could begin operations at the San Rafael site by July 1, bridge officials said.

“The rent is fair market value and based on an appraisal,” said Denis Mulligan, bridge district general manager… (more)

SFMTA needs to follow the Marin lead and provide parking near the transit hubs if they want more Muni riders.

The battle over SF bus stops

By Sue Vaughan : 48hills – excerpt

As foes of the Google Bus deal take their case to court, a state bill would legalize the privatization of public bus stops

APRIL 24, 2015 — The crisis that has been disrupting San Francisco housing, and driving out the lower and middle classes for some years now, is moving to another piece of valuable real estate – public bus stops.

Private, for profit corporations have been salivating secretly over these stretches of curbside real estate with such intensity – and secrecy – that you might think there’s gold underneath the pavement.

Did you know, for instance, that on Monday, April 27, the California Assembly Transportation Committee will hear a bill, AB 61, that proposes to essentially give away public bus stops to some of the wealthiest, private, for-profit corporations that the world has ever known?
This giveaway has been ongoing for several years with the assistance of locally elected and appointed officials – but in violation of the California Vehicle Code… (moer)