S.F. considers changing parking permit program to ease concerns

By Michael Cabanatuan : sfchronicle – excerpt

With the number of people living and working in San Francisco surging, the perpetual search for parking becomes more challenging, and interest in San Francisco’s residential parking permit program grows.

As it does, so do conflicts over the program, forcing city transportation officials to consider how it can be fixed.

The city created residential permit parking in the 1970s to help protect neighborhood life. Residents can ask for a zone that limits visitor parking and exempts residents, who can slap city-issued stickers on their cars. The idea is to keep quiet neighborhoods from turning into parking lots for commuters looking for somewhere to stash their cars for the day — or longer.

But the program is beginning to divide some neighborhoods, as residents who want bigger or brand-new zones clash with others who don’t…

“We want to find a general way to make it as equitable for residents who don’t own cars as those who do own cars,” said Tom Maguire, the agency’s sustainable streets director. “If you have a fairly complex program in place, you want to make sure it meets the needs of everyone at the curb.”…

“We know residential permit parking has been very popular in giving residents a leg up in parking over nonresidents,” Maguire said.” I think nearly everyone agrees that the benefits everyone gets for $110 are buying something worth a lot more than $110.”… (more)

If you believe SFMTA cares about anything other than their own revenue stream you are not thinking straight. See the last paragraph. They just want more money, but they are limited by state statutes so far. Watch the bills in Sacramento: https://discoveryink.wordpress.com/california-bills/

Seven supes will ride Muni for 22 days in June; mayor hasn’t weighed in


The mayor and Board of Supervisors were challenged by passengers to ride Muni for 22 days, and now most of the responses are in. Officials were also tasked by the San Francisco Transit Riders with taking selfies on Muni and publishing them via Twitter with the hashtag #OnBoardSF, which will move their position on a scoreboard. The Transit Riders said riding Muni will help city officials “better understand the rider’s daily experience” to inspire planning a more reliable, robust and visionary transit system. Muni currently faces unfunded capital needs in the next two decades in excess of $11.5 billion, according to budget documents… (more)